Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Take a poll....Rate the doctors....

...I admit to being relatively new at blogging, but I'm not new at reading blogs. Frankly, until recently it was all I could do to make it through the day doing what had to be done. As I recover from Cushing's, I find that I have more energy. I also spend less time recuperating from activities (which include work, more work, and fun). So, for now, I'm able to cognitively, physically, and mentally allocate time to blogging.

I love blogging. I love to write, and the outlet this has given me just whets my voracious appetite for it. I want to write "more and better" (a term used by my younger daughter when she was small). As I peruse blogs, I'm finding there is a community of "medical bloggers" that seems pretty tight-knit. A kinship or camaraderie of sorts. It intrigues me. I thought it might intrigue you, too.

Below is an list of medical bloggers whose sites I frequent. Take some time to read them, if you want, and vote in the poll in the sidebar. If you have ideas for more polls about these blogs or you want me to add another blog to the list, let me know. It's definitely not an inclusive list. I'm sure there are many more "doctor blogs" out there that I didn't include here.


If you'll notice on "Grunt Doctor", there is a post called "Grand Rounds". It seems one of these on the list above or other medical bloggers host this every week. Admirably, they include not only doctors, but others in the medical profession as well as folks who host reputable sites about medical topics.

So, vote away and comment away! (See comment link below this post.) I'd love your input. When reviewing the following doctors' blogs, which doctor would you prefer to see? (Vote in the poll on the left.)

I can't wait to see your response. I'll share my opinion at the end of the poll.


  1. So much to read so little time. I notice that some of the docs seem more real than the others who are posting to get noticed.

  2. I voted for the doctor who I felt was most compassionate, though there were a others who I thought must be wonderful doctors as well.
    The doctor who knows how to diagnose a patient by watching her husband sleep while the woman is having a crisis ticked me off. Isn't it possible that the woman is really sick and that her husband is just a useless dumbass? Doctors who suspect their patients are malingering were eliminated quickly because I know too many people who have been really sick who were blown off by docs who accused them of hypochondria. Doctors should not be so quick to judge. Things are not always as they seem, especially when a person doesn't have an open mind.
    Many doctors seem to forget that we are paying them to help us. They also seem to assume that we are all ignorant and couldn't possibly understand the details of our health. (And who has a more vested interest in my health than me?!) I want a doctor who partners with me, who has compassion, and who treats me like an intelligent human being. If I don't get this out of the doctor - patient relationship, then I move on. I won't settle for anything less. None of us should.

  3. These docs, for the most part, sound like they are caring and decent practitioners. I do not believe they represent the majority of doctors, though.

  4. The blogs that I've had time to read have made the doctors who wrote them seem 'normal'..and not the almighty holy moly king of all mankind type of doctor.

    Could this be because those types of doctors are too full of themselves to sit down and blog? Or could it be that maybe others jut might see that deep down inside this king of the road might actually be human after all?

  5. I agree with anonymous 3, but I wasn't able to get through everybody ...wheew I don't know why, I don't have anything to do around here....now where did I put that 6th kid this time?

    I enjoy fatdoctor and feel... oh I don't know sort of drawn to her.

    I really like the humor of musings of a distractible mind though.

    Sorry not much help when I can't pick one huh?



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