Sunday, July 12, 2009

When "Putting Patients First" is a matter of perspective

An interesting, vibrant, and on-target discussion took place on Twitter today. Dr. Rob (@doc_rob) and Dave (@ePatientDave) started discussing the event "Putting Patients First" at the National Press, hosted by Dr. Val Jones (@drval).

  1. Dave deBronkart
    ePatientDave What's wrong w this picture? The event "Putting patients first" has no patients on the panels
  2. Dave deBronkart
    ePatientDave Clue: talking *about* pt-centered, w/o pts in the talks, is like Congress talking about suffrage w/o women in the talks
  3. Dave deBronkart
    ePatientDave To be blunt about it, that approach to suffrage took nearly a century (Superb Ken Burns film
  4. doc_rob
  5. doc_rob
    doc_rob re: Putting Patients First - Women's suffrage is not analogous. People who work with poor and know plight of them are worth listening to.
  6. doc_rob
    doc_rob Plus, we are ALL patients in this system. I am a doctor AND a patient. I know MANY patients' hardships, not just one. I love my patients.
  7. Dave deBronkart
    ePatientDave @doc_rob Oo oo, the well clued @Doc_Rob is one of the panelists at the (impatient) Putting Pts First! Let's have a blogchat!
  8. doc_rob
    doc_rob Healthcare workers who give a damn and ACTUALLY care for patients have had no voice up to now. I plan on advocating for them.
  9. Dave deBronkart
    ePatientDave @doc_rob Seriously, will you host that? Or should host it? You rock!
-- this quote was brought to you by quoteurl
Dr. Rob is one of the members of the panel at the event. He has been and still is taking an active interest in representing patients. As you can see below, he continues that.

  1. doc_rob
    doc_rob @ePatientDave It's what I try to do all the time. I'd love to host a real discussion. Understand that not all docs are deaf to their pts.
  2. Dave deBronkart
    ePatientDave Thinking out loud...continuing suffrage thought: imagine male Congress discussing "impact on our process if women vote"
  3. doc_rob
    doc_rob Read
    to understand where I come from and what I will say.
  4. Dave deBronkart
    ePatientDave @doc_rob I do understand that. It's the "is a proxy sufficient" question. So, dude, git the party started! I'll bring some peeps.
  5. doc_rob
    doc_rob I'll put up a post on the subject tomorrow with the intent on getting discussion and hearing opinions.
  6. doc_rob
    doc_rob Nah. I'll do it today.
  7. Dave deBronkart
    ePatientDave @doc_rob btw, since the point is to contribute not rant, in our pre-talk we should include finding out what the audience thinks about
  8. doc_rob
    doc_rob @ePatientDave How about me writing a post that says: "Tell me what you think I should talk about in Washington?"
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As the discussion continued, others became involved also. For the sake of brevity, I didn't include all the tweets that resulted. Dr. Bryan Vartabedian (@doctor_V) posted "We're All Patients" as a response to the tweets.

  1. Dave deBronkart
    ePatientDave Yikes: @ "Putting pts first", not only no pt spkrs; Policy Expert=pharma front CMPI
  2. Dave deBronkart
    ePatientDave YikesX2: The CMPI "policy expert" warned 1/08 "Internet health searches are dangerous to public health"
  3. Dave deBronkart
    ePatientDave He's wrong - @Eysenbach did multi-year study to find "death by googling" and found ZERO cases.
  4. doc_rob
    doc_rob @ePatientDave I was nervous about that as well. Made sure we were free to say what WE felt.
  5. Bryan Vartabedian
    Doctor_V My thoughts for those who feel @drval 's Washington panel doesn't represent patients
  6. Bryan Vartabedian
    Doctor_V Hate it when patients feel we're not on their page
  7. doc_rob
    doc_rob RT: My thoughts for those who feel @drval 's Washington panel doesn't represent patients (via @Doctor_V) - Agree.
Dr. Rob was true to his word, and posted his response, "Speak to Me" .

I posted one comment in Dr. V's post, and will on Dr. Rob's as soon as I have time. Trisha Torrey, a patient advocate, also posted “Putting Patients First” = No Patients (Time to go clean my room now.)". Mary Shomon (@ThyroidMary) had an excellent comment there. And Dr. Val (@drval) responded very honestly about the good intents of her efforts with this panel. (Thank you, Dr. Val).

Now is your time to respond. Go tell Dr. Rob what you want heard. Speak to him. What do you have to say about this? Do you think patients should be represented by patients? Do doctors count since at some point in their lives they will/are patients, too? Should we work as a team, not as antagonists?

What do you think? Say it. Now is the time.

(I will update with other posts on this topic as they occur. I'm sure there will be more.)

1 comment:

  1. Robin, You've done a masterful job of capturing the conversation here.

    I'd like to add a couple of points:

    1. I don't want a doctor to be my mouthpiece. It's important that patients have a place at the table, not be represented by paternalistic doctors. ("There, there, little patient. We know what's best for you!")

    2. Doctors are not patients, too. I've posted on that topic here.

    I wonder how doctors would feel if they were being co-opted from the conversation by insurance people. After all, many health insurance company people are doctors, too. Same thing.

    Thanks for putting the conversation together.



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